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What Every Canine Freestyle Performer Should Know FIRST About the Mental Game


What is it?

Is the mental game important to your success in freestyle competition? The top handlers think so. Most handlers believe that controlling the mind is vital to your success in freestyle. This 60-minute audio program presented by Heather Sumlin of Mental Management is designed to be the first stop on your journey to master the mental game of competition. Whether you are a veteran who needs that mental edge or a new handler just starting out, this information is vital to your success in the ring.

Why do you need it?

We all know that we must think positive and believe we can win. What many do not know is how to make this happen. Now you can get a jump on your competitors by starting to master the mental game.

Who can benefit from this CD?  

  • Freestyle Handlers of any level
  • Freestyle Coaches


  • Why you should begin mastering mental skills WHEN you begin technical skills.
  • The top three mental mistakes handlers make and how to avoid making them.
  • Why you should always think positively.

Instructors also find that this CD makes the learning of technical skill easier and faster by helping to eliminate much of the mental error common to players.

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List of Tracks on the CD:

  1. Welcome
  2. Background Info
  3. Three Mental Processes
  4. Harmful Ways of Thinking
  5. Helpful Ways of Thinking
  6. Top Three Mental Errors
  7. Performance Analysis
  8. Recommendations

“I just LOVE the Mental Management CD for Freestyle. I have listened to it three times now and will listen to certain tracks again and again. I am the PERFECTION causes PROCRASTINATION type, so this will help. What a wonderful CD and so absolutely well put together.”
–Karen Ann Allard New Freestyler Mile High Freestyle Club Denver, CO

“Just thought I would let you know my opinion on the Mental Management CD for Freestyle. I have listened to it twice so far. I liked it. Heather that is narrating it has a great speaking voice and is easy to listen to. I think the info in it would be valuable to anyone performing in any capacity. In my opinion, it should be in everyone’s library and a good CD to listen to on Headphones before a competition to remind yourself of all those positive things we forget under pressure. It will be with me whenever I travel to an event to show or Judge. Worth the Money!”
–Gloria Voss Gladwin, Mi Freestyle Fanatics Freestyle Club – President WCFO Judge

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