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What Every Pageant Contestant Should Know FIRST About the Mental Game


What is it?

Is the mental game important to your success in pageants?

The top titleholders think so. Most titleholders, directors, and judges believe that controlling the mind is vital to your success in pageantry. We all know that we must think positive and believe we can win. What many do not know is how to make this happen.

Why do you need it?

Now you can get a jump on your competitors by starting to master the mental game. This CD program is designed to be the first stop on your journey to master the mental game of pageant competition.

Who can benefit from it? 

  • Pageant Contestants
  • Parents of pageant contestants
  • Pageant Directors


  • Why you should begin mastering mental skills WHEN you begin technical skills.
  • The top three mental mistakes contestants make and how to avoid making them.
  • Why You should always think positively. This CD explains why this is so important to your success.

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List of Tracks on the CD:

  1. Welcome
  2. Background Info
  3. Three Phases of a Task
  4. What is a Mental Game
  5. Harmful Ways of Thinking
  6. Top 5%
  7. Helpful Ways of Thinking
  8. Top Three Mental Errors
  9. Recommendations

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